Game Theory Links

As all link pages, this site is permanently under construction. Also, it does not claim or intend to be an exhausting list of game theory links. If you maintain or know a web site that you think is appropriate for this page, please drop us a note .

General Game Theory Links and Instructional Material

- A brief definition of game theory by Aner Sela and Jan Vleugels
- Roger McCain's Game Theory: An Introductory Sketch
- Paul Walker's History of Game Theory
Instructional Material

Game - Resources for Learning and Teaching Strategy
- Didactic Web-Based Experiments in Game Theory (by Ariel Rubinstein and Eli Zvuluny)
- Syllabus, MA300: Game Theory London School of Economics
"Combinatorial Auctions" (by Peter Cramton, Yoav Shoham, and Richard Steinberg)

Computer Programs

Gambit: Software Tools for Game Theory
- Play the Prisoner's Dilemma online
- Comlab Games, a program to run interactive games in the classroom (from Carnegie-Mellon University)
- GAMUT, a suite of game generators for testing game-theoretic algorithms
Journals and working paper collections

- Games and Economics Behavior
- International Game Theory Review
- International Journal of Game Theory
- Journal of Public Economic Theory
- WUSTL working paper archive: Game Theory and Information
- MIT working papers on Political Economy
- Stanford Economics Department working papers

Research Centers

- Game Theory Society
- Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
- Bonn Laboratory for Experimental Economics
- CentER at Tilburg University, The Netherlands
International Society of Dynamic Games
- Centre for Behavioural Biology, University of Bristol, UK
- C.V. Starr Center, New York University
- Interuniversity Centre for Game Theory
- Seville Game Theory Group
- International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
- Mathematical Biology Group, University of Oxford
- Santa Fe Institute


The following sections contain links to scholars who employ game theory in their research. Since many game theorists have an interdisciplinary research agenda, some links occur in several categories. The main selection criterion for this list was whether a site provided access to working papers or the like.


- Ted Bergstrom (UC Santa Barbara)
- Rob Boyd (UCLA)


- M.A. Ball (University of Liverpool, UK)
- Carl Bergstrom (University of Washington)
- Ted Bergstrom (UC Santa Barbara)
- P.G. Blackwell (University of Sheffield, UK)
- R.G. Bowers (University of Liverpool, UK)
- C. Cannings (University of Sheffield, UK)
- Bud Mishra (New York University)
- Arthur Robson (Simon Fraser University)

Computer Science

- Craig Boutilier (University of Toronto)
- David Epstein, incl. a list of links to combinatorial game theory pages
- Bud Mishra (New York University)
- Yoav Shoham (Stanford University)


- Susan Athey (MIT)
- Kyle Bagwell (Columbia University)
- Pierpaolo Battigalli (
UniversitÓ Bocconi, Italy)
- Jess Benhabib (New York University)
- Ted Bergstrom (UC Santa Barbara)
- Tilman B÷rgers (
University of Michigan)
- Peter Cramton (University of Maryland)
- Glenn Ellison (MIT)
- Arieh Gavious (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
- Paolo Ghirardato (UniversitÓ di Torino)
- Dorothea Herreiner (
Loyola Marymount University)
- John Van Huyck (Texas A&M University)
- Matthew Jackson (Stanford University)
- Todd Kaplan (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
- Michael Kosfeld (University of Zurich)
- Kala Krishna (Penn State University)
- Vijay Krishna (Penn State University)
- John Ledyard (Caltech)
- David Levine (UCLA)
- Robert Marks (University of South Wales)
- Leslie Marx (Duke University)
- Roger Myerson (University of Chicago)
- Yaw Nyarko (New York University)
- Motty Perry (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
- Wolfgang Pesendorfer (Princeton University)
- Arthur Robson (Simon Fraser University)
- Al Roth (Harvard University)
- Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv University and New York University)
- Michael Ryall (Melbourne School of Business)
- Karl Schlag (European University Institute)
- Suzanne Scotchmer (Berkeley)
- Avner Shaked (Bonn University)
- Eilon Solan (Tel Aviv University)
- Rakesh Vohra (Northwestern University)
          - Myrna Wooders (Vanderbilt University)


- Anna C. Thornton (MIT)


- Fioravante Patrone (Dept. of Mathematics, Genoa)
- M.A. Ball (University of Liverpool, UK)
- Jesъs Maria Bilbao (University of Seville, Spain)
- P.G. Blackwell (University of Sheffield, UK)
- R.G. Bowers (University of Liverpool, UK)
- C. Cannings (University of Sheffield, UK)

Political Science and Public Policy

- Daniel Diermeier (Northwestern University)
- David Epstein (Columbia University)
- Tim Feddersen (Northwestern University)
- John Huber (Columbia University)
- Marek Kaminski (University Maryland)
- Keith Krehbiel (Stanford University)
- Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan)
- Richard McKelvey (Caltech)
- Thomas Palfrey (Caltech)
- Curtis Signorino (University of Rochester)